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Where You Going?

A 220-page journal documenting a graphic design tour and featuring conversations with creatives across Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore.

A self-initiated project carried out with fellow designer, Jamie Winder, this book compares the graphic design industry in Southeast Asia to that of the West and explores how the cultural differences between each destination affect the local scene. In addition, it seeks to inform a wider audience and promote the work of its contributors—both locally and internationally.

The journal intends to be much more than a simple visual collection of design output. Instead, it features multiple layers of information to richly document a journey, which the reader is invited to follow in chronological order, sharing the sense of fun and adventure had along the way: the route plan is depicted by meals consumed on each connecting flight; trekking through Chiang Mai’s jungle is represented by leafing through semi-transparent pages of foliage; full email correspondence is revealed at the start of each interview.

Every step of the journey has been considered and carefully crafted. These details are designed to engage the reader, providing multiple ways to consume the content, simultaneously revealing the processes of the project with open humour. 

Published by Basheer Graphic Books.

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