Hello. I’m Iain Hector, a multi-disciplined freelance graphic designer currently working and living in London, UK*

The sort of creative projects that bring me the greatest enjoyment, and which best utilise my strengths are: book design; visual identity and type design, and; UI (user interface) design.

Book design

A book is not just a collection of words and images to be looked at, it is a material object to be held in the hand. Books typically require graphic design expertise in a range of factors. I can cover: art direction; cover design; content structure and page flow; grid and page layout; typography, and; consideration of paper stock, print finishes and binding.

I’ve designed detailed annual reports, beautiful exhibition catalogues, succinct promotional brochures and a playful graphic design journal.

Visual identity and type design

Type fascinates me and is a big part of my life. As well as creating custom lettering for logos and identities, I love to draw type and develop fonts. I have released three commercially-available fonts through You Work For Them. I’m eager to take on commissions to design and develop unique typefaces.

UI design

Whilst my background is in print, designing for screen is here to stay, and I have embraced it. I’m a capabale UI designer with experience designing websites, microsites, digital content, mobile apps and games.

No matter the project, I’m comfortable to be involved at all stages of the creative journey from concept through to delivery.

I like to work with museums, schools and universities, galleries, artists, charities and NGOs. You might be a startup looking for someone to help brand a new product or service. Maybe you’re an established agency with a print deadline looming or a fellow creative seeking a collaborator. If you have a project with graphic design requirements, I’m keen to hear from you. Send me an email and let’s get talking.

*Not based in London or the UK? No problem; if the project is a good one, I’m happy to travel or work remotely.